Abolition of 'Child Labour' 

Child Labour is being rampant in the Society ever after 71 years of India's independence.  About 45% of children in down-trodden and marginalized communities are still remaining out of school either in the form of never enrolled or dropouts before completion of their primary education and being child labourers. Moreover 23% out of these children are engaged in various hazardous forms of industries like Constructions, brick making, beedi making, tobacco, mirch yard, mechanic garages and cotton ginning mills.


 LAMP has been striving hard for the rescue and rehabilitation of these child labourers around Guntur City, Sattenapalli, Medikondur and Phirangipuram sub-uraban areas since 1996.  In this connection LAMP has been implementing National Child Labour Project (NCLP) with the support of Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India and so far LAMP could rescue and rehabilitate 795 child labourers by way of running a special school for them and providing these children with quality education, nutrition, health care, monthly support and mentoring with the parents and the society. 



Safeguarding Human Rights


Educate!  Organize!!  Agitate!!!... DR.B.R.Ambedkar


It is disheartening to know the fact that the people in lower strata in the hierarchy do not able to enjoy their fundamental rights due to suppression, ignorance and unequal distribution of resources and lack of access to development.  Particularly majority of ‘Dalit’ and Tribal people are leading precarious living conditions in terms of social, economical, educational, health and political advancement. 





LAMP has been working with most forgotten ‘Dalit’ and nomadic ‘Adivasi’communities and promulgating their fundamental rights given by the Constitution, in remote and interior places of Guntur District.  Presently LAMP is focusing on envisaging peoples participation in various developmental programmes like social housing, Panchayat Raj Development and National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme etc. to ensure better survival for these neglected people.


Integrated Development of 'Dalit' and 'Adivasi' Women

 Since the year 2003, LAMP has been implementing this project in 10 Villages of Sattenapalli and Phirangipuram Mandals of Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh with the support of Swiss League of Catholic Women.  The project aims at the Integrated development of these margnalized women by way of implementing different activities as mentioned hereunder:

Imparting life-centred education for women which ensures learning of their socio-economic and health situation

Formation and strengthening of Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) while disseminating real group dynamics and inculcating savings

Introducing group income generation activities make women cope up with drought and migration

Awareness generation on political aspects and ensuring preparedness among women to contest in local bodies elections and Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs)

Mobilizing community so as to make them conscious for incorporating different schemes and programmes being implemented by the government.


Campaign Against HIV / AIDS

HIV / AIDS is increasingly becoming a threat for the existance of people in our target area.  According to the recent studies,  Guntur District got the first place in Andhra Pradesh in terms of having more percent of people of getting infected with HIV/ AIDS.  The situation is alarming in some identified high risk pockets where in the people are most vulnerable against this life threatening disease.

The social stigmatization and reluctance of family and the society towards the infected people is multiplying the problem in the form of hiding the infection till the incubation period is over, with which the mortality rate of HIV infected is

LAMP involved in two major areas viz. 1. Preventive and 2. Care and support for the infected and affected people.  The team LAMP is also mentoring with the Commercial Sex Workers and other people with high risk behaviour for usage of condoms so as to slash the prevalence rate to considerable extent..


 in the above picture Dr.Rabbai from USA along with Team LAMP was interacting with Female Commercial Sex workeers in Narasaraopet Municipal town, Guntur District.  Through these kind of interactions with different groups we came across that poverty alone is not the reason for making them as Sex workers.  Exploitation, perversion and orthodox tendencies existed in the society are the major contributing factors:

We have also known that most of these commercial sex workers belong to marginalized communities, illiterate people and victimized by deceitful and exploitative people..





 LAMP has been conducted CAPACITY BUILDING TRAINING PROGRAMMES for Elected Peoples Representatives for local bodies such as Gram Sarpanches, Ward Members, ZPTCs (Zilla Parishad Territorial Council Members) and MPTCs (Mandal Parishad Territorial Council Members). LAMP conducted this programme in two Mandals namely Phirangipuram and Sattenaplli and imparted training for 513 Elected Peoples Representatives on Improving Leadership Qualities, Social Auditing, Good governance, Improving water and sanitation conditions in villages and awareness on various schemes being implemented by the Government. 


 Zilla Parishad Chairperson SMT.KUCHIPUDI VIJAYA,

M.P.D.O SMT. N.ROHINI and other important people participated in the programme as Resource persons: