“Health is wealth”.  Health directly influences the Social, Economical and Educational development of a person, family and the community as well.  In Guntur District there are many hazardous pockets in terms of health where in lot of Chemical industries, factories, stone quarries, lime quarries are located and causing for damaging peoples’ health.  People are living in very dangerous situation as many effluxes, exhaust fumes and dust being released from those industries.  Having ascertaining this alarming health conditions LAMP has been extending medical and health services in 32 identified high risk pockets.


Despite people are suffering from diseases like pulmonary infections, bronchitis, Dengue, Chicken guinea, malaria, diarrhea, rheumatic pains etc. these areas remained un-reached and uncovered by Government Health Departments due to constraints in reaching out these habitations.  Women, Children and Aged people are the major victims in these areas.

The team of volunteers under the leadership of Dr.PATIBANDLA BHANU KIRAN is extending their tremendous support in order to accomplish the endeavor of protecting peoples’ health in these vulnerable areas.  Periodical medical camps are being conducted by LAMP in these areas and necessary medicines being distributed and is also envisaging referral services to the needy cases.  


Psycho-Social support for most needy HIV/AIDS infected cases

HIV/AIDS is sweeping away the lives of a many innocent people around Guntur District.  It became a life threatening issue because of which many families are loosing their very existence in the recent times.  According to a survey conducted by UNAIDS, Guntur District has been identified as one of the seven districts in India in terms of comprising high number of people that are getting infected with HIV/AIDS.


Having ascertained the ground realities of HIV/AIDS infected and affected people the team LAMP could come across a few disheartening facts as mentioned hereunder:


The bitter consequences of HIV/AIDS

C In Guntur District HIV prevalence rate is 1.6 in general population and it is about 2.35 among pregnant women

C Approximately 3500 children became semi orphans as they lost either mother or father

C 1800 children below 14 years of age became orphans as they lost both the parents and living with grand parents or relatives

C 875 children became orphans and have nobody to look-after them and leading precariously either as rag-pickers, or street children, or bonded labour or child labourers in hazardous forms of work


Keeping this intensified scenario in view, LAMP involved in the process of making people-centred interventions against HIV/AIDS through rendering multi-dimensional services such as generating preventive consciousness, extending care and support services, conducting counseling to wipe off the stigmatization in the family and society and promotion of referral services as well. 


Having conducted the needs assessment, LAMP has been giving much priority for the children who are in the age group of 0-5 years and are having one parent and we are extending our support for them so as to ensure their survival until they become self-supportive.  Now we are extending our support for 75 such families and conducting counseling for them on regular basis to make them free from disinclination.  Dr.PATIBANDLA BHANU KIRAN and his team are extending their committed services exceptionally well in this regard.